Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Hexiwear docking bd
NXP Hexiwear
1434509556 android phone color
Android device
Software apps and online services:
D94d qxu
Autodesk Fusion 360
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Workbench client evothings
Evothings Studio
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
3D Printer (generic)

Custom parts and enclosures

fallAssistant belt clip - 3D data
You can use the 3D-Fusion-Files for modifications or print the three STL-Files for you own assembly on a 3D-Printer.
Top cover - STL file
1st part of the fallAssistant belt clip assembly. You will need two M2x10 screws ( to fix all parts together.
Middle part - STL file
2nd part of the fallAssistant belt clip assembly.
Back clip - STL file
3rd part of the fallAssistant belt clip assembly.


Fall Assistant bin- & apk-files. Additional source code for KDS & Visual Studio 2015



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