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Lead Acid Battery Capacity Tester (Updated)

A 12 V Lead-Acid Battery is Discharged at a Constant Current (Programmable) for a Period of Time to get Terminal Voltage VS Time curve

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Lead Acid Battery Capacity Tester (Updated)

Things used in this project

Hardware components

1306 OLED Display
Microchip ATmega328
Texas Instruments LM358
Microchip MCP4131
78xx Regulators
IRFP 260 N-Mos
Texas Instruments TL 431 Programmable
Intel Pentium 4 Heat Sink (65 Watt dissipation-ctive Cooling)
1 Ohms 5 Watt 30 Pcs Ceramic Resistor
FR 04 ProtoBoard 14cm x 8cm

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Soldering iron (generic)
Soldering iron (generic)
DC drill motor


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Active Load

Programmable Constant Current

Supply Rails

Different Voltage Source Levels for different Units

Bare Arduino/ATmega328

Control, Data Acquisition, User Input, Display

Analog Signal Conditioning

Conditioning, Scaling, Voltage and Current Info for ADC


Updated Codes

EEPROM pointer bug removed, OLED display font Improved
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Battery Tester

It Works, but Battery MUST BE CONNECTED AFTER POWERING UP the Device (Battery Tester) , INITIALIZING (auto) and CONFIGURING (settings Input by user) . Otherwise Very High Current will flow for a Short Duration of Time ( Might damage Gate Driving OpAmp )
/* Open Source Design
* Code written by Shahariar Hossain, IE DU, Batch 3
** This firmware is for Lead Acid Battery Capacity 
*** Development & Testing Device Hardware & Farmware Date : 2015,Sep-Dec 

#include "U8glib.h"
#include <SPI.h>
#include <avr/eeprom.h>
#include <avr/interrupt.h>

#define LED 4
// cheap chinese OLED(scl,sda,nothing,d/c,rst)
U8GLIB_SSD1306_128X64 u8g(8, 7, 9, 5,6); //real H/W connection 
//U8GLIB_SSD1306_128X64 u8g(5, 6, 9, 8,7);

// Float to hold Voltage and Current readings
float Vb=0.0;
//int Vb=0;
float Ic=0.0;
float Im=0.0;

int I_base=462; // ADC value @ 0A current
int V_base=229;// @ 10.5 Volt

const uint8_t slaveSelectPin=10; // SPI bus chip select for mcp4131
uint8_t pot_pos =0; //digital potentiometer trimmer position

// Interrupt variables for Time keeping and User Input from press switch
volatile uint8_t sec=0;
volatile uint8_t S1=1;
volatile uint8_t S2=1;

// Timer variables 
uint8_t oldsec=0;
uint8_t mint=0;
uint8_t hr=0;
uint8_t j=0;

int disc_I=0;// initial discharge current value (upto 10000 mA or 10.0A in step of 100 mA or 0.1 A)
int C=05;// initial C rate

int eeprom_nth_data=0; // data index for EEPROM

// stopflag 1 means any stop condition occured : Vb<10.5 or Test runtime = C hrs or User Stopped
uint8_t stopflag =0; 

void setup(void) {
// u8g.setRot180();// flip display 
// 1.114 volt Internal Analog Ref on Atmega328p
// provides 10 bit ADC Resolution of 1.075 mV 
  pinMode(LED,OUTPUT); // Green LED for debugging Interrupts and EEPROM 

  pinMode(2, INPUT_PULLUP);
  attachInterrupt(0, SW1, FALLING);// Interrupt for Swithc 1

  pinMode(3, INPUT_PULLUP);
  attachInterrupt(1, SW2, FALLING);// Interrupt for Swithc 2
// Avr internal timer for timebase  
// Sets Potentiometer to 0 ohms
  init_screen();delay(5000); // Shows Initializarion screen for 5 sec      
  user_input(); // take test configuration form user

void loop(void) 

// Calculates Current in Amps and Voltage in Volts 


// updates the screen with time,measured V & I
// adjusts current if changed on every 5 th minute
  if ((mint%5==0)&&(sec>56))
    adjust_current(); // enable this function when everything is OK

//Stops test in one of the following 3 situations 
// Abort by user / Battery Voltage below 10.50 Volt / Test Runtime exceeds C hrs 

  // make Vb 10.5 later

// User Stop Request
if (S1==0)

// save eeprom every 5 min
 // save_eeprom();


4.5 Ah Battery Capacity Test Report

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