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Nurse Presence Detection

Detect if people enter a room and if a nurse is presence in that room. An ideal solution for healthcare and security situations.

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Nurse Presence Detection

Things used in this project


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Android APK file

ONLY FOR HACKSTER AND WALABOT EMPLOYEES. (this since I only use a free MQTT service that only allows 5 connected devices at the same time)

Installation only tested on two Android phones with Android version 8.0.

After installation the login to the MQTT services are automatically. Test the connection with the Raspberry Pi with the "Test LED", which will let the LED on the Raspberry Pi (connected on GPIO 19) for one second.
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Raspberry Pi

Copy the files to a known folder on the Raspberry Pi.
First use the commands in the MQTT project (found in the Walabot's Github)
Activate the through:

sudo python
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