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IoT Smart Desk Drawer with Amazon DRS

Never run out of office supplies again. PostIt notes, stamps, paperclips, tape and paper replenished from the cloud.

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IoT Smart Desk Drawer with Amazon DRS

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Spark Core
Particle Spark Core
Seeed Grove Rotary Encoder
Photo resistor
Photo resistor
Li-Ion Battery 1000mAh
Li-Ion Battery 1000mAh
Adafruit IR Break Beam Sensor - 3mm LEDs
SparkFun Load Cell Amplifier - HX711
SparkFun Load Cell - 10kg, Straight Bar (TAL220)
SPDT Lever Switch
Single Cell Lithium Ion Battery Charger (MCP73831)

Software apps and online services

Amazon Web Services AWS IoT
Maker service
IFTTT Maker service
Amazon Dash Replenishment Service
Amazon Web Services Amazon Dash Replenishment Service

Hand tools and fabrication machines

3D Printer (generic)
3D Printer (generic)


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Custom parts and enclosures

3D CAD files


Smart Drawer Schematic

Full schematic professionally hand drawn in TylerEDA


Particle Core Firmware

firmware for the Particle Core

DRS Webserver

Code for registering with Dash Replenishment Service.


Thanks to Ravi Butani.