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Intelligent Object Detection

Adding AI capabilities to Walabot existing features so that you can get more information about detected object.

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Intelligent Object Detection

Things used in this project


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Raspberry Python Code

from __future__ import print_function
from sys import platform
from os import system
from firebase import firebase
firebase = firebase.FirebaseApplication('', None)
import time
import WalabotAPI as wlbt
wlbt.Init()  # load the WalabotSDK to the Python wrapper
wlbt.Initialize()  # set the path to the essetial database files
wlbt.ConnectAny()  # establishes communication with the Walabot
wlbt.SetProfile(wlbt.PROF_TRACKER)  # set scan profile out of the possibilities
wlbt.SetDynamicImageFilter(wlbt.FILTER_TYPE_MTI)  # specify filter to use
wlbt.Start()  # starts Walabot in preparation for scanning
while True:
   wlbt.Trigger()  # initiates a scan and records signals
   targets = wlbt.GetTrackerTargets() # provides a list of identified targetsc
   for i, t in enumerate(targets):
       if(t.zPosCm > 25)
           ts = time.time() 
           time.sleep(120) # wait for 2 minutes 
wlbt.Stop()  # stops Walabot when finished scanning
wlbt.Disconnect()  # stops communication with Walabot

Android Project


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