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Unification of Peace Tree Topper

In the spirit of new trads, I created a new xmas tree topper w/ the laserCutter,3Dprinter,& DIwire to top and brighten USB-LED your holidays

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Unification of Peace Tree Topper

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Photopolymer Resin
3D printer resign
1/8" Aluminum Bundle
Medium Density Fiber (MDF) board
All Purpose Krazy Glue®

Software apps and online services

Design software for 3D printed parts
Design software for laser cutter and DIwire
Printer software

Hand tools and fabrication machines

FormLabs form2
PLS6.150D Universal Laser Systems


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Custom parts and enclosures

The Peaceful Star of Unity

This part was cut w/ the universal laser cutter. It is the very face of the design. The geometric design represents peace.

Peace Connector

The peace connector brings it all together. This piece connects the laser cut symbol (the Peaceful Star of Unity) to the spiral/coil holder. It was also created using the FormLabs 2 printer and made with SolidWorks software.

Light Piece Holder

This part holds the USB-LED light bulb in place. The piece was created using SolidWorks software and printed using a FormLabs 3D printer.

Aluminum Spiral

This part was created using the DIwire bender. The machine and it's program are meant to bend wire into 2D objects, but I needed just one more dimension in order for this coil/spiral to hold the ornament on the top of the tree.



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Justin Iredale

Justin Iredale

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