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Wireless Pun Delivery System

Deliver puns to everyone in your area looking for Wi-Fi networks with the Onion Omega 2.

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Wireless Pun Delivery System

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Omega2 Plus
Onion Corporation Omega2 Plus
Runs the WAP and code
Expansion Dock
Onion Corporation Expansion Dock
Makes charging easier (bundled w/ 2+ on Amazon for $27 w/ 2 day shipping)
USB battery pack
a.k.a. portable phone charger ~$10 on Amazon
Micro-USB to USB Cable (Generic)
Micro-USB to USB Cable (Generic)
one from a phone will do


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put this in usr/bin
#!/usr/bin python3

import os
from os import system
import random
from threading import Timer
import time

names = ["Abraham Linksys",
    "The LAN before time",
    "It burns when IP",
    "Friendly neighborhood spider-LAN",
    "Wi-Fight the inevitable",
    "Get off my LAN!",
    "Wu-Tang LAN",
    "Look ma, no wires!",
    "Hidden Network",
    "Free Wi-Fi",
    "LANdo Calrissian",
    "Keep it on the Download",
    "The password is 'Gullible'",
    "Every day I’m buffering",
    "Get off your phone",
    "Zelda a Linksys to the past",
    "No networks found",
    "Tell my Wi-Fi love her",
    "Not in range",
    "The LAN down under",
    "LAN of the free",
    "Wi-Fi so serious",
    "Alt F4 to continue",
    "One LAN to rule them all",
    "slow wi-fi no dont call it that",
    "The lord of the pings"]

def setup():
	os.system("uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].ApCliEnable=0") #disable WiFi
	os.system("uci commit wireless") #commit changes
	os.system("wifi") #restart network
	print("Restarting network...")

def name(ssid, pswrd):
	os.system('uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].ssid="' + ssid + '"')
  os.system('uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].key="' +pswrd + '"')
	os.system("wifi") #restart network
	print("Restarting network...")
def loop():
	temp = random.choice(names)
	print("Setting to " + temp)
	name(temp, "PASSWORD") #name the network randomly
print("Setting up...")



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