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Using the Serial Plotter Tool with an UNO DAQ

With a few code tweaks you can use an UNO and the serial plotter tool like an oscilloscope to examine the power used by another project.

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Using the Serial Plotter Tool with an UNO DAQ

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Arduino UNO DAQ with ajustable oversampling intervals

For some reason the link here only takes you to the repositories root directory so click through to view: UNOonly_DAQ_PeaksOrLeakAverage.ino which is relevant here. When using that code, adjust the loop threshold to suit your application, and then change #define OVRsamples 5 to shorten or lengthen the time window displayed in the Serial Plotter window. Remove the analogReference(INTERNAL); line in setup if you need to read voltages larger than 1.1 volts.




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