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Apple IIe Mini Powered by C.H.I.P.

A self contained C.H.I.P. based Apple IIe mini computer. Runs off of a 12V drone battery. Working monitor power switch and audio.

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Apple IIe Mini Powered by C.H.I.P.

Things used in this project

Hardware components



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Custom parts and enclosures

Apple II Enclosure 3D Model

Enclosure for the base of the computer

Apple II Monitor 3D Model

Print file for the monitor. I recommend you rotate the monitor vertical to prevent having to remove support material from inside.

Apple II Enclosure Base for CHIP

The original bases for this enclosure are intended for Raspberry Pi. Here is the base I used which is fully enclosed and contains no supports.


Full Build Instructions

Full instructions including PCB and Schematics at GitHub


Code required for build

No code changes exist yet for this build, it uses a stock C.H.I.P. However I am in the process of updating the emulator code to make the text a bit more readable on the small screen.


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