Things used in this project

Hardware components:
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Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless
To run the webserver
Ard nano
Arduino Nano R3
The 'brain' of the slave device prototype
Arduino LCD Screen
To display data on the slave device prototype
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Temperature Sensor
For reading tank's water temp
DFRobot pH Sensor module
to read water pH readings
RaspiBox Zero Lite
DIN Rail enclosure for Pi Zero W
SIEMENS IOT2000 platform SIMATIC IOT2020
To integrate both webserver and slave unit duties and simplify the build
Software apps and online services:
Raspberry Pi Raspbian Jessie Lite
Headless Linux distro to run Python Webserver
Python Library to handle webserving
Ide web
Arduino IDE
To upload code to the Arduino Slave


Basic layout
Before I can draw up schematics I like to create a basic diagram of my plans. Schematics aren't my strong point so this method allows me to create a visual representation of what I am aiming to achieve.
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Aquariumatic Github Repo



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