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The Swear Bear

Do you also swear too much? Don't worry, this artificial intelligence powered, internet of things enabled swear jar is here to help!

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The Swear Bear

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Raspberry Pi 3b+ Starter Kit
Google AIY Kit
Teddy Bear

Software apps and online services

Google Cloud Platform
ThingSpeak API
ThingSpeak API


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import os
import requests
import time
import json

from aiy.cloudspeech import CloudSpeechClient
from profanity_check import predict, predict_prob
import aiy.voice.tts 

def say(test):
    aiy.voice.tts.say(test, lang='en-GB', volume=50, pitch=10, speed=100, device='default')

def sendData(profane, spokenText):

    url = ' KEY HERE&field1={0}&field2={1}'.format(profane, spokenText)
    response = requests.request("GET", url)

def getStats():

    say("Fine, calculating")
    # Get the data from ThingSpeaks
    url = "Your ThingSpeak URL here"
    response = requests.request("GET", url)
    jsonData = json.loads(response.text)
    records = jsonData['feeds']

    # Stats
    totalGood = 0
    totalBad = 0
    total = len(records)
    lastBad = ''

    # Loop over them, add to stats
    for record in records:

        if record['field1'] == 'True':
            totalBad += 1
            lastBad = record['field2']

            totalGood += 1

    # Give summary of stats
    say('A total of ' + str(total) + ' records to analyse.')
    say('A whopping ' + str(int((totalBad/total) * 100)) + ' percent contain a swear.'))
    say("The last one beeing 'bears suck'. By you. Just now.")

# Instantiates a Google Cloud client
cloudClient = CloudSpeechClient()
say("The bear has awoken!")

while True:

    # Listen en recognize
    spokenText = cloudClient.recognize()

    # Check if anything was said
    if spokenText is not None:
        # Let assume the best
        profanity = False
        # Secret data voice module console validator!
        if spokenText.lower() == 'bears suck':
            profanity = True

        # It happend, profanity!
        if predict([str(spokenText)]):
            say('O dear!')
            profanity = True

        # Now the cloud must know! 
        sendData(profanity, spokenText)