Things used in this project

Hardware components:
12757 01
SparkFun RedBoard
sparkfun audio breakout
sparkfun microphone breakout
thin speaker
SMAKN MG996R Metal Gears Digital RC Servo Motor High Torque
adafruit lipo charger
lipo battery


This is how all the electronics are wired together. Notes: It's shown on a breadboard for simplicity but really we transferred it to a perfboard so the connections wouldn't keep coming undone. The audio sound breakout needs to have an SD card, not pictured. The schematic uses a picture of an arduino, but really we used a sparkfun redboard. The blue adafruit lipo battery charger and voltage regulator connects to the redboard with a USB to USB cable. The servo motor needs to have its own power supply because it draws a lot of power.
Circuit with all parts


Arduino code
Use the code on the master branch in the folder called Provocation_3



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