Power Monitoring and Fault Detector Device

Detection of faults in an engine through continuous monitoring of current consumption, using Nordic Thingy:53 and ML algorithms.

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Arduino - Thingy:53: Blue = SDA, Yellow = SCL, Black = GND
Arduino - ACS712: Purple = VCC, Brown = OUTPUT, White = GND
Arduino - Relay board: Green = VCC, Gray, White = CONTROL, Brown = GND.
Power outlet - Relay board : Black = to common pin in relay.
Relay Board - Motor: Gray = from NO (normally open) in relay to motor.
Relay Board - ACS712: Black = from NO (normally open) in relay to screw terminal in ACS712.
ACS712 - Motor: Gray = from the other screw terminal in ACS712 to motor.


Source Code

Feel free to modify anything you want!


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