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Simple Wire Length Cutting Tool

This device runs a desired length and quantity of wires and cuts each length.

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Simple Wire Length Cutting Tool

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Arduino UNO
Big Easy Driver
SparkFun Big Easy Driver
NEMA 23 Stepper Motor
OpenBuilds NEMA 23 Stepper Motor
Texas Instruments 12 to 5 VDC Regulator/Drop Down
General Hardware; standoffs, screws, washers, etc.
HPI 1/10th Scale On-Road Touring Wheels and Tires

Hand tools and fabrication machines

General Shop Tools, drill, bits, taps, etc.


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Connection Diag


Wire Cutter Code

Load to Arduino UNO, Open a Serial Comm window, It will ask for a length in Inches, desired quantity and if you are ready. Entering Y will proceed with operation.
//Written by Lonnie Sexton 2017. Special Thanks to Julia B.
//for the help with fixing a probelm with the code. 
#include <math.h>               //#math
#include <Servo.h> //From Library
Servo servoMain; // Define Servo
#include <SoftwareSerial.h> // soft serial for LCD
#define stp 2 //define stepper
#define dir 3 //define stepper
#define MS1 4 //define stepper
#define MS2 5 //define stepper
#define MS3 6 //define stepper
#define EN  7 //define stepper

float a;              //variable assignment qty
float b;              //variable assignment inches
float c;              //variable assignment required motor steps
float W;              //removed from functions for now, might need later.
char junk = ' ';      //any random character input. 
char val;             // Data received from the serial port
char user_input;
int x;                //Probably over loaded on assignments, not sure. Remove later and test. 
int y;
int state;
SoftwareSerial mySerial(0, 11); // pin 11 = TX

void setup()          // set up
  pinMode(15, OUTPUT); // set the pin to input
  servoMain.attach(9); // servo on digital pin 9
  pinMode(13, OUTPUT); // led on pin 13
  pinMode(stp, OUTPUT); //B.E.D
  pinMode(dir, OUTPUT); //B.E.D
  pinMode(MS1, OUTPUT); //B.E.D
  pinMode(MS2, OUTPUT); //B.E.D
  pinMode(MS3, OUTPUT); //B.E.D
  pinMode(EN, OUTPUT); //B.E.D
  resetBEDPins(); //Set step, direction, microstep and enable pins to default states
  Serial.begin(9600);   // set up Serial library at 9600 bps
  mySerial.begin(9600); // set up serial port for 9600 baud
  Serial.println("Lets Cut Some Wires!"); //welcome message in serial window
  Serial.flush(); //clear the input que. 

void loop()

  mySerial.write("                "); // clear display
  mySerial.write("                ");

  mySerial.write(254); // move cursor to beginning of first line
  mySerial.write("Solution Systems  Feed n Cut!");

  Serial.println("Enter Quantity, Press ENTER");        // user Input request qty
  while (Serial.available() == 0) ;                     // Wait here until input buffer has a character
    a = Serial.parseFloat();                           // new command in 1.0 forward
    Serial.print("a = "); Serial.println(a, DEC);

    while (Serial.available() > 0)                      // .parseFloat() can leave non-numeric characters
    { junk = Serial.read() ; }                          // clear the keyboard buffer

  Serial.println("Enter Length in Inches, Press ENTER");
  while (Serial.available() == 0) ;
    b = Serial.parseFloat();
    Serial.print("b = "); Serial.println(b, DEC);
    while (Serial.available() > 0)
    { junk = Serial.read() ; }                          // clear the keyboard buffer

    c = (float( b*26 ));

    Serial.print("Motor Steps = ");
    Serial.println(c, DEC); Serial.println();
  Serial.println("Ready to Begin? Press ENTER");        // user Input request Y or N?
  digitalWrite(EN, LOW);                                //Pull enable pin low to set FETs active and allow motor control
  while (Serial.available() == 0);                      // If data is available to read,
     val = Serial.read();                               // read it and store it in val
     if (val == 'y')
      Serial.println("Here We Go!");
      for (a; a>0; a--){      // this step checks if the quantity entered (a) is greater than 0,...  and deducts 1 from a.
        Feedft();             // if it is it repeats the step feed and cut function again.
     else {
     Serial.println("Restarting Setup...");             // otherwise restart
   delay(10);                                           // Wait 10 milliseconds for next reading
  { junk = Serial.read() ; }                           // clear the keyboard buffer

//Reset Big Easy Driver pins to default states
void resetBEDPins(){
  digitalWrite(stp, LOW);
  digitalWrite(dir, LOW);
  digitalWrite(MS1, LOW);  // leaving wired and in sketch for now, not using micro-step control at this time. 
  digitalWrite(MS2, LOW);
  digitalWrite(MS3, LOW);
  digitalWrite(EN, HIGH);

void Feedft(){
  Serial.println("Feeding Wire at default step mode.");
  digitalWrite(dir, LOW);                   //Pull direction pin low to move "forward"
  for(x= 1; x<c; x++){                      //Loop the forward stepping enough times for motion to be visible
    digitalWrite(stp,HIGH);                 //Trigger one step forward
    digitalWrite(stp,LOW);                  //Pull step pin low so it can be triggered again
  }                                         //Need to add a stepper done moving function here!!!!!!!!!!!!!<==================
   ServoMainCut();                          //Run the Cut Function
   Serial.println("Cutting Wire!");         //Fair Warning.....
  // RepeatCount();                           //Run the repeat function
  { junk = Serial.read();}                  //Clear the keyboard buffer

//funtion Servo Cut
void ServoMainCut(){
   digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
   digitalWrite(13, LOW);
   servoMain.write(177); // CUT!! Turn Servo Left to 176 degrees
   delay(750);          // Wait 1.5 second
   servoMain.write(65); // Open Cutter Turn Servo Left to 65 degrees
   digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
   digitalWrite(13, LOW);




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