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Light Sensitive Theremin

In this project, I am going to demonstrate how to make a theremin-like instrument that makes weird spacey sounds.

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Light Sensitive Theremin

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const int ldrPin = A3;
const int buzzerPin = A1;

// variable declaration
int value;  // sensor value
int low;    // low sensor value calibration
int high;   // high sensor value calibration
// LED pin alert calibration
int led = 13;
void setup() 
      pinMode (buzzerPin, OUTPUT);
      pinMode (led, OUTPUT);
      // turn LED on
      digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
      // calibration for the first 3 seconds after program runs
      while (millis() < 3000) 
              // record the maximum sensor value
              value = analogRead(ldrPin);
              if (value > high) 
                   high = value;
              // record the minimum sensor value
              if (value < low) 
                   low = value;
      // turn LED off
      digitalWrite (led, LOW);
void loop() 
       //read the input from A0 and store it in a variable
       value = light();
       // map the sensor values to a frequency range 50 Hz - 4000 Hz
       int pitch = map(value, low, high, 100, 4000);
       // play the tone for 20 ms on buzzer pin 8
       speaker(pitch, 20);
       // wait for a moment
//function to calculate potentiometer value
int light()
    int val = analogRead(ldrPin);
    return val;

void speaker(unsigned int frequency, unsigned long duration)
              tone(buzzerPin, frequency, duration);


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