Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Adafruit industries ada64 image 75px
Solderless Breadboard Half Size
SparkFun Methane Gas Sensor
11084 01
SparkFun Altitude/Pressure Sensor Breakout MPL3115A2
Mfr 25frf52 10k sml
Resistor 10k ohm
Photon new
Particle Photon
11026 02
Jumper wires (generic)
826 04
Male/Female Jumper Wires
Adafruit industries ada260 image 90px
USB-A to Mini-USB Cable
Only used for power. USB-A to wall cable is fine.
Software apps and online services:
Adobe Illustrator CS6
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
Laser cutter (generic)

Custom parts and enclosures

Enclosure Sketch
Enclosure sketch u8ikgyle4p
Enclosure Design
Design of enclosure on Illustrator
Screen shot 2017 03 27 at 10 00 07 am qx9rolh5q4
Enclosure Prototype
20170315 103434 ktj7suopdd
Enclosure Prototype
20170315 103449 (1) jumcdo2nzj
Enclosure Cut Out
Enclosure separated into individual pieces
Enclosurecutout ltupafimuj
Enclosure1 hsonxso63i
Sensor in Enclosure
Deviceinenclosure w6hd3ttd9s
Enclosure at location
Enclosurelocation cy0fpe1jam
Enclosure Wiring
Enclosurewiring p7ftzl4iap
Opened enclosure at work
Enclosureopenedworking 2mzwtnvfyh
Enclosure in room
Enclosureroom zuf4qs4oxi
Enclosurefaraway qwj9xtlj1z


Fritzing Diagram
Screen shot 2017 04 18 at 10 22 03 am 6lfqaosb5d
Pressure Sensor
Used to measure air pressure in the air
Screen shot 2017 03 22 at 9 50 34 am ypc3mp6qnr
Methane Gas Sensor
Used to measure methane gas in the air
Screen shot 2017 03 22 at 9 52 01 am qrb1ren8u0
Methane Gas Sensor Dimensions
Screen shot 2017 03 22 at 9 52 18 am nuty0cmidv
Enclosure Design File
Design of Enclosure


Group 301 - LofT Project.gsheetArduino
function collectCurrent() {
  "use strict";
    //Replace the device ID below with your Photon's unique device ID
    var deviceID = "2b0042000247343138333038";
    //Replace the access token below with your Photon's unique access token
    var accessToken = "8a918b77f20a655be6783b96d39e3c8c92061f28";
    //Replace the value below with you group ID
    var groupID = "301";
    //Replace the room number below with location of the Photon
    var room = "256";
    var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();

    // Fetch the value of the testValue variable from the Spark Cloud API.
    // The name of your variable in Particle's cloud must match the variable in the URL below.
    var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch("" + deviceID + "/pres?access_token=" + accessToken);

    // Parse the JSON and extract the testValue.
    var jsonResponse = JSON.parse(response.getContentText());
    var pres = jsonResponse.result;

    response = UrlFetchApp.fetch("" + deviceID + "/temp?access_token=" + accessToken);
    jsonResponse = JSON.parse(response.getContentText());
    var temp = jsonResponse.result;    

    response = UrlFetchApp.fetch("" + deviceID + "/meth?access_token=" + accessToken);
    jsonResponse = JSON.parse(response.getContentText());
    var meth = jsonResponse.result;

    // Create a timestamp.
    var timeStamp = new Date();

    // Append the timestamp and the temperature to the sheet.
    sheet.appendRow([timeStamp, groupID, room, temp, pres, meth]);
  } catch (e)
    // If something doesn't work, log it, then rethrow the error.
	Logger.log( + ": " + e.message);
	throw (e);



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