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How to Use an Off-the-Shelf 4G USB Module with Raspberry Pi
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How to make an affordable 4G card work with Raspberry Pi. This is a direct IP card.

How to Get Terminal to Raspberry Via SSL from Anywhere
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Sometimes we want terminal capabilities from outside the bounds our network. That is, terminal to web with no port forwarding.

Toggle an LED with Real HTTPS to Raspberry PI - no Public IP
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Simple, easy & free way to expose Raspberry Pi to the Web w/a real public SSL certificate + e2e encryption. No public IP/port forwarding.

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The Arduino Gatekeeper
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Full instructions

The Arduino Gatekeeper is an IoT-connected authenticator for outdoor gates and doors. No longer are keys required for secure backyards!

eMU K9 Mobile Sentry
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Work in progress

Environmental Monitoring Unit K9 Mobile Sentry is a cellular enabled monitor for my dog's safety while in the vehicle during short stops.

eMU K9 Mobile Sentry

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IoT Security: Tips to Protect your Device from Bad Hackers
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Making stuffs is cool, making secured stuffs is better! We discuss how to secure your Raspberry Pis using Firewall, IDS, and SSL/TLS

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