On-Demand Workshops

Thank you for your interest in Hackster Workshops, a beta program launched in 2019 to provide in-depth training to the community. We have decided to sunset the program, effective June 30, 2022. Learn about the workshops and how to gain continued access below.

Avnet Technical Training Courses

Avnet technical training courses are designed to teach you the fundamentals of developing applications using Avnet boards. You can find the following courses plus tons of additional free training, webinars and tutorials on our sister community, element14!

MiniZed 3-Course Bundle

In this 3-course bundle you'll learn the fundamentals of developing software applications, building a custom hardware platform and running PetaLinux tools to build embedded Linux for the MiniZed -- everything you need to get started on your next embedded system design.

Ultra96 6-Course Bundle

In this 6-course technical training bundle you will learn the fundamentals of developing software applications, building a custom hardware platform and running the PetaLinux tools to build embedded Linux for Ultra96, followed by a deep dive into application specific areas including SDSoC, artificial intelligence and Python/PYNQ.

Azure Sphere Course

This technical training course is designed to teach you the ins and outs of the Avnet MT3620 Kit with the Azure Sphere secure connected MCU. In this course you'll get a detailed overview of Azure Sphere, learn fundamental IoT concepts, build a development environment and connect your device to the cloud -- everything you'll need to develop your own secure IoT solutions!

Additional Workshops

The following workshops are no longer available on Hackster.io. Find similar course materials and additional resources using the links below.

Particle 101

Hackster partnered with Particle to create a guided version of their Particle 101 workshop.

In this workshop you'll learn the basics of connecting a Particle Argon device to the Internet, exploring essential features of the Particle Device OS and Cloud, leveraging cutting-edge features like BLE and on-device debugging, and integrating with 3rd party services.

Visit the original tutorial version of the Particle 101 workshop at the link below.

FPGA Design Essentials: Implementing Algorithms

In this 3-lesson workshop taught by Adam Taylor, you will learn about state machines, applied math in FPGA design, advanced algorithms, and determine the best practices for your FPGA designs.

Adam Taylor is an FPGA expert with experience developing FPGA-based solutions for a range of applications including RADAR, nuclear reactors, satellites, cryptography and image processing. Adam is the founder of Adiuvo Engineering & Training, Ltd, a consultancy that provides embedded systems design, training, and marketing services. Find addition resources and tutorials by Adam Taylor at the link below.

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