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MiniZ: Tiny Streaming Radio Based on Classic Zenith "Cube"

Like the look and feel of vintage radio, but want Pandora, internet radio and your own music? This project is for you!

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Things used in this project

Hardware components

Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless
Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless
Of course!
Adafruit rotary encoder
On/Off/Volume and Screen Selection
Adafruit mono i2s amplifier
Gimme some tunes....
GRS 3FR-4 Full Range 3" Speaker Driver 4 Ohm
Surprising bass and sound for such a small speaker
BamTack Dark Brown PLA
Cheap 'n Good!
22AWG wire (generic) - various colors
Wire Adafruit Raspberry Pi Bonnet jumpers
M2.5 standoffs/nuts/screws - nylon (generic)
Mounts for PI TFT and Raspberry PI Zero W. 4 Standoffs for TFT, 2 for Raspberry PI, 4 screws for TFT, 2 nuts for RPi
Speaker: Steel 4/40 Screws, .375 inch long, plus nuts
4 screws, 4 nuts. I used brass "acorn nuts" for that old-time look. I just like 'em!
LEFT Angle Micro USB Connector
To get around the tight fit of the mounted RPi; connect to power
Adafruit Raspberry Pi Perma-Proto Bonnet
Wire it up and connect to the pi zero W
Breadboard (generic)
Breadboard (generic)
Test components as you finish a build step
Adafruit Product 1979 - Raspberry Pi Stacking Headers
Use with perma-proto pi bonnet
Adafruit Product 598 - Female Header
For easy connection to the installed rotary encoders
Adafruit piTFT Plus 3.5 inch Display Product 2441
Touchscreen not used, but need a 3.5 inch display

Software apps and online services

Raspbian Stretch - Debian 9
Yay! Linux!
pi3d - 3D python graphics library
Powers the custom radio-style dial and shows the other screens
Logitech Media Server - free, see software config
This is the local music server
Squeezelite - free, see software config
This is the music client/player
Talks with Logitech Media Server/SqueezeLite to control the user interface

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Soldering iron (generic)
Soldering iron (generic)
3D Printer
I used the cheap Monoprice Mini Select, build volume 120mmx120mmx120mm
Glue Gun
or epoxy, or superglue - glue the case together
Optional: XTC-3D Epoxy/Resin
Looks nice - if done correctly!
Blue Tack Mounting Putty
Needed if using custom radio knobs.
Neodymium Magnet
Use for mounting screws with speaker. Usually available at local hardware store, cheaper than Amazon


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Custom parts and enclosures

miniz case

miniz face

miniz radio dial bezel

miniz knob

Optional: Custom knob for tune and volume (two prints needed) on miniz streaming radio project




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