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MSP low-power microcontrollers from Texas Instruments are mixed-signal processors that include smart analog and digital peripherals and offer a number of additional options such as low-power embedded RF and security features such as AES encryption. MSP microcontrollers offer the ultimate solution for a wide range of low-power and portable applications.

The MSP430 is a mixed-signal microcontroller family. Built around a 16-bit CPU, the MSP430 is designed for low cost and, specifically, low power consumption embedded applications.

Multi-Touch with CapTIvate
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Full instructions

Use CapTIvate technology for multi-touch with 64 pads!

Fishy Machine
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Automatic fish feeding machine built with MSP430.

Pacemaker with Wireless Charging Capabilities
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We can utilize Wireless Charging to make Bio-Devices like Pacemakers stay up and running efficiently inside the body for longer!

Wireless Sensor Nodes!
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This is a fork of my sub-GHz RF sensor network project. Main difference? Nodes are now MSP432-based & use multitasking in Energia MT.

MSP430 Analog Gauge Control in C
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Full instructions

Control an analog gauge using an MSP430 and some simple logic.

Smart Pet Collar
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Smart Collar tracks various parameters for your dog including GPS, temperature, and a buzzer for location, with SMS alerts enabled.

Smart Pet Collar

Team Starbuck Tesla

Teaching Mechatronics with MSP430 LaunchPad Racerbot
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The MSP430 Racerbot design is an easy way to integrate mechatronics into an academic course or workshop using off the shelf components.

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