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TI has a broad portfolio of Motor Drivers for different applications

  • Stepper Motor Drivers
  • Brushed DC Motor Drivers
  • Brushless DC Motor Drivers
  • Solenoid Motor Drivers
  • General Purpose Gate Drivers
  • Hall Effect Sensors
  • Haptics Drivers
  • Isolated Gate Drivers
  • N-Channel MOSFETs
  • Optical Disk Drivers


Theremino Adapter for CNC.
  • 260
  • 7

Full instructions

Attention: This adapter is used to replace the parallel port with the USB, and not to operate Mach3 CNC or Linux.

GoonieBox! Can you solve the riddles?
Super hard
  • 825
  • 14

Inspired by the epic game "The Room", this part-clock, part-board game will intrigue you like a moth to a flame!

  • 170
  • 3

Work in progress

Using FlexIO to control WS2812B RGB LED.

Remote Controlled Car
  • 260
  • 3

This project is about making a car and controlling it using Arduino.

Ultrasonic Obstacle Avoiding Robot Using Evive
  • 4,392
  • 3

Full instructions

Unlike others, we have mounted our ultrasonic sensor on a servo.

Ultrasonic Obstacle Avoiding Robot Using Evive

Team evive: transform your ideas to reality!

PRU PID Motor Speed Controller with Beaglebone Green
  • 444
  • 4


Beaglebone Green PRU PID motor speed control project.

A Filter for a Noise Generator
  • 34
  • 0

Full instructions

A filter for a noise generator

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