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Multi-Touch with CapTIvate
  • 1,124
  • 6

Full instructions

Use CapTIvate technology for multi-touch with 64 pads!

Line Follower Robot
  • 894
  • 13

Cool robot that can follow a black line and stop before objects!

MSP432 IoT Workshop with CCS Cloud
  • 1,792
  • 11

Full instructions

Learn LaunchPad by building incredible IoT applications. Awesome!

From Zero to Sensortag
  • 1,143
  • 4


This tutorial will hopefully encourage development with the TI BLE SensorTag by showing how to setup your IDE and program the device!

TI Inductance to Digital Converter Plinko Board by DigiKey
  • 96
  • 2

A cool demo of inductance sensing using a plinko board and TI technology.

Teaching Mechatronics with MSP430 LaunchPad Racerbot
  • 475
  • 2


The MSP430 Racerbot design is an easy way to integrate mechatronics into an academic course or workshop using off the shelf components.

Red LED Matrix Control with TI LaunchPad
  • 486
  • 1

Full instructions

Control a single color LED matrix using Energia.

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