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Line Follower Robot
  • 724
  • 12

Cool robot that can follow a black line and stop before objects!

Multi-Touch with CapTIvate
  • 919
  • 6

Full instructions

Use CapTIvate technology for multi-touch with 64 pads!

TI Inductance to Digital Converter Plinko Board by DigiKey
  • 82
  • 2

A cool demo of inductance sensing using a plinko board and TI technology.

MSP432 IoT Workshop with CCS Cloud
  • 1,681
  • 9

Full instructions

Learn LaunchPad by building incredible IoT applications. Awesome!

From Zero to Sensortag
  • 864
  • 3


This tutorial will hopefully encourage development with the TI BLE SensorTag by showing how to setup your IDE and program the device!

Internet-controlled RC Car
  • 588
  • 4

A cool RC Car that you can control with the touch of your fingers right from your own phone.

Teaching Mechatronics with MSP430 LaunchPad Racerbot
  • 372
  • 1


The MSP430 Racerbot design is an easy way to integrate mechatronics into an academic course or workshop using off the shelf components.

Red LED Matrix Control with TI LaunchPad
  • 366
  • 0

Full instructions

Control a single color LED matrix using Energia.

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