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The RFID Module can read and write to 13.56MHz RFID cards an NFC devices. It's like OAuth for real life. This module supports CharlieCards, ClipperCards, and most other metropolitan cards. It uses the PN532 chip. Includes one MiFare Classic 1K card.

Access Control with Arduino
  • 11,110
  • 13

Work in progress

Project that integrates Arduino, RTC display with I2C, RFID reader and SD card module.

RFID Process Tracker
  • 2,441
  • 10

Full instructions

Uses different RFID readers to track RFID-tagged items through a process

Calling Card
  • 757
  • 4

Full instructions

Tap an RFID card on a reader to text

RFID Webapp Authorization
  • 1,098
  • 3

Full instructions

Shows "authorized" screen when RFID is present; "unauthorized" screen when RFID not present

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