No 'Net for You!
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Hexiwear Behavior controls your Internet!

littleBits and Artik Cloud
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littleBits was an Artik Cloud most-wanted device. I happen to have a ton, so let's interface the two!

School Bus Heads Up
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Work in progress

It's 2016, do you know where your children are, or when the bus is close? Track your school's fleet of buses and your kids' whereabouts.

Project replicas 0

 Drew Alden hasn't replicated any projects yet.

Alexa Skill - Movie Buff
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Full instructions

An Alexa Skill to get movie info, recommendations, find similar movies, and top movies by actors using TMDb (The Movie DB)'s Public API.

LED Rotation Display
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LED display with DC motor rotations.

“Lend me your ears!”: Web Bluetooth and Voice Recognition
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Full instructions

This project demonstrates a voice controlled prototype home automation system using the Arduino/Genuino101 and the Web Bluetooth API.

  • Intro to Soldering and Desoldering 5 days ago

    hey that looks familiar! ;)

  • How to "Multithread" an Arduino (Protothreading Tutorial) 19 days ago

    Hey Paul, great question! This isn't meant to parallel what would normally be considered multithreading on a CPU, thus the term "protothreading". How it works depends on the library being implemented, I'm not entirely sure how TimedAction handles it without picking it apart to be honest. I would imagine the memory (what would be "cache" on a CPU) management is rudimentary if there is any at all. Gave me something to check out when I get a minute though :)

  • How to "Multithread" an Arduino (Protothreading Tutorial) about 2 months ago

    I go over that in detail in the article :) What you describe is protothreading (and the inherent problems associated with it).

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