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Robotic system for environmental analysis.

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Things used in this project

Hardware components

Sabertooth dual 32A motor driver
Controller for 2 motors
Kangaroo x2 motion controller
DC Motor P205
Polyurethane Beach Wheels

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Lathe for metals


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Custom parts and enclosures

6 P205 motor with encoder suppor

encoder assembly

Steering wheel bracket

Front support assembly

Steering support 3D


Detail of the Steering

Painted chassis

encoder support of motor P205

encoder support of motor P205


Cut the piece

Finished part 1°

Installation of parts

Finished part 2°

Finished part 3°

Mounting the hub in the wheel

Section bracket

Mounting plan

Plan Installation and Test for R.E.V.2e

Profile wheels

Bracket and Support

support Wheel

Particular support Steering

Finished Hardware

First Test - Move

Electronics Box

All electronic components Box

Rover in Test Position

Box Air Quality

Box GPS - Accelerometer - Gyro - Compass

Rover views


logical diagram

Construction Wheel Hub

6 P205 motor with encoder support


Ciro Veneruso

Ciro Veneruso

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