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If you enjoy creating projects that combine easy-to-use hardware with coding, you'll find our Raspberry Pi projects a source of inspiration. We invite contributors to submit their best, most effective projects with clear instructions, allowing you to build applications that can do anything from a smart doorbell to an autonomous car using Python and other programming languages. No matter what you want to create, we've usually got the information you need to make it happen.

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Our site is a thriving online community where contributors have a platform for their projects, as well as a resource of fresh ideas. In addition to projects that use Raspberry Pi (a compact, affordable and extremely versatile credit card sized computer), we also have project suggestions that use Arduino, NXP, SparkFun and Adafruit products. With a focus on Internet-connected hardware, we bring engineers, technicians and creators together.

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In addition to our Raspberry Pi online community, we also offer a number of different chances for fans of this piece of hardware to hone their skills in real life. Our Hackster Live global meet-ups enable enthusiasts to meet Raspberry Pi experts and gain the skills they need to build exceptional projects. We also run a number of different challenges – come up with an innovative hardware project and you could win a significant cash prize!

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We are always pleased to see more members and find out what engaging projects they've been creating. We offer a wealth of resources that can give your hardware knowledge and ideas a real boost. To find out more about us and our community, as well as improve your skills as a hardware developer, or find us on social media.