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int operationalPin = 0; // microcontroller's pin to be used
int initialDelay = 10000; // defines when the first photo should be taken, expressed in milliseconds
int shutterCloseTime = 100; // defines for how long the shutter should be closed, expressed in milliseconds
int gapBetweenShots = 3000; // defines the gap between every photo, expressed in milliseconds

void setup()
pinMode(operationalPin, OUTPUT);
delay(initialDelay); // initial delay

void loop()
digitalWrite(operationalPin, HIGH); // shutter closes
delay(shutterCloseTime); // keeping the shutter closed
digitalWrite(operationalPin, LOW); // shutter opens
delay(gapBetweenShots); // keeping the sutter open


Piotr Justyna

I'm just a regular guy who enjoys building useful(ish) things.



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