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A simple yet high quality digital photo frame on Pi with Windows IoT and Angular 2 PoC for compatibility as Windows IoT front-end framework.

Camera stream from device to PC
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I use a proxy web application hosted inside Azure to transfer image data from my robot camera to the remote control app.

Exploration Vehicle (Powered by Azure)
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My first steps on the way to the Star Gate exploration robot backed up by Azure infrastructure.

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Generic Serial Bluetooth with Win 10 IoT-Core RPI2
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Universal Windows App that connects to an embedded Bluetooth device over the Bluetooth Serial Profile using a generic Bluetooth USB dongle.

Rocky Rover: Robotic Vision System PixyCam & Arduino 101
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Using PixyCam and Intel Arduino 101 to drive this rover. Easy Robotic Vision system using PixyCam, rover reacts to the ball using Pan/Tilt.

Solar Powered, Remote Controlled, Smart Garden
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Fresh, organic food is important! Grow your own in unused space and take care of it remotely. Plants and smarts are powered by the sun!

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