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IFTTT Smart Button
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This is a V2 of my original Staples Easy Button project. It is WAY more energy efficient, plus it has a first-time OTA wifi configuration.

ESP8266 IFTTT Easy Button
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The classic Staples Easy Button with an IFTTT twist.

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Complete Orientation in 3D space - LIDAR + 9DOF = 10DOF
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Always wanted to know the orientation of my laser distance measurement in 3D space: heading, roll, pitch and distance ready for new projects

Build your #Dashbutton like devices plus GPIOs
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#ESP8266 based #Dashbutton like devices which can send any http based notification just by a push of a button, compatible with #IFTTT Maker

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  • IFTTT Smart Button about 1 year ago

    Perfect! This is what I hope everyones does. Take this and make it better!

  • IFTTT Smart Button over 1 year ago

    Yes. You can do the following:
    1. Add a new HTML line to setwifi.lua below the password
    buf = buf.."url: <input type='text' name='url' value='' maxlength='100' width='100px' />"
    2.Add the following condition to setwifi.lua
    if(_GET.url)then"url.txt", "w")
    3. On ifttt.lua add someting like this at the beginning or wrap it on a function."url.txt", "r")
    url = file.readline()
    host = url:match('^%w+://([^/]+)')
    4. Substitute the hardcoded URL and host in ifttt.lua with the vars url and host

    Makes sense?

  • ESP8266 IFTTT Easy Button over 1 year ago

    I also highly recommend checking out these two other ESP8266 buttons and

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