Zeus LT Is a Multi-Function Interface Board for the Commodore 64

Now you can control your smart home devices, design IoT solutions, develop retro games, and more with your old C64.

Cabe Atwell
4 years agoGaming

Single-board computers such as the Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone have made it easy to build home automation systems — connecting lights, cameras, sensors, etc. As strange as it might sound, the same can also be done using a Commodore 64, an add-on board known as Zeus LT, and a Zion adapter. Created by Aleksandar Maric, the Zeus LT multi-function interface board plugs into the C64's cartridge slot via a Zion adapter and allows users to control home automation systems, design/test/debug IoT devices, develop retro gaming hardware/software, and more.

The Zion adapter board comes in two versions — the Zion LT, with an exposed male edge connector designed for the Commodore 64's expansion port, a single 15-pin D-sub connector for interfacing with the Zeus LT board, and a reset button. The Zion F version features all of the same as the LT. It includes three additional 15-pin D-sub connectors that support up to four separate Zeus LT boards, and a female edge-connector with pass-through support for existing Commodore 64 cartridges (when Zeus LT is not in use).

The Zeus LT interface board provides a host of I/O support to the Commodore 64, including a single 15-pin D-sub connector for interfacing with the Zion adapter board, eight inputs for sensors, and four outputs controlled by relays. It also packs four outputs controlled by TRIACs, four signaling LEDs connected to the relay outputs, a single power-on LED, and a beeper attached to the first relay output, which can be disabled if needed.

Maric has launched the Zeus LT and Zion LT single-port adapter board on Crowd Supply, with pledges starting at $99.

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