xDroid: Bringing Video Game Racing to the Real World

Operating RC vehicles is a fun experience, especially when you set up an excellent track with obstacles and jumps to navigate through. The…

Cabe Atwell
2 years ago

Operating RC vehicles is a fun experience, especially when you set up an excellent track with obstacles and jumps to navigate through. The same can be said for racing video games, so it only made sense for Austrian-based xDroid to bring them together for what they describe as “the first gamified RC car.”

Three elements were crammed together to bring about their xDroid platform to the real world: The xDroid 1:16 hobby-grade smartphone-controlled car, xPoints interactive checkpoints and mobile Android/iOS gaming app, which provides games, virtual controller, and social platform to play with friends.

The app lets you control the xDroids via Wi-Fi at a distance of up to 260 feet and can be configured for different racing modes, including stunt, drifting and demolition, where players crash into the sensor equipped vehicles. The xDroids themselves are hobby-grade cars outfitted with a high-performance motor, four-wheel drive, robust suspension, and 1100mAh rechargeable/exchangeable battery.

Onboard sensors are used to track the vehicles position and interactions with other cars, providing game-based data and stats via the game app. Those vehicle sensors also interact with the LED, sensor-equipped xPoint interactive checkpoint devices. When driven over, players can receive powerups (speed boost, increased time, stop engines, invert opponents controls, etc.), gain game-based points and act as virtual flags for capture the flag game mode among a host of other options.

xDroid have also developed what they term as xCore, which is a smart-module you can install in your own RC vehicle that will turn it into an xDroid vehicle with the same functionality. Users simply replace their existing receiver, connect their servo and ESC wires, slap on LED bars to the chassis and calibrate steering within the app. What’s more, you can program the RC vehicles for autonomous driving by plotting game routes via the xPoint track layout.

The xDroid platform comes preprogrammed with several games, such as Stunt Mode (perform wheelies, ollies, backflips, etc.) to gain points, Capture the Flag (self-explanatory), Destruction Derby (hit cars to decrease health points), Domination (another points-based game), and an exciting Parent-Child mode, where parents are provided a level of control while the kids drive.

xDroid is currently crowdfunding their name-to-fame on Kickstarter with varied price-points depending on what you prefer. $52 gets you an xCore module; $174 nets you an xDroid vehicle only, and $228 will provide an RC car and xPoint ground sensor. Of course, there are packages that combine multiple cars and ground sensors, but it gets expensive at those points with the top package costing $2,121 for 10 xDroid RC vehicles and 10 xPoint sensors.

Anyone remember going to their local indoor RC racing place? Maybe they will make a comeback with xDroid.

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