Woodoonics' Arduino Micro-Compatible ePaper Display Driver Aims to Make Development Easy

Bundle includes the development board and a 1.54" black and red two-color ePaper display, to get you started.

Gareth Halfacree
a month agoDisplays

Finnish electronics specialist Woodoonics has launched an Arduino Micro-compatible driver designed to make working with E Ink and other ePaper displays as easy as possible — and it even comes with a two-color 1.54" display panel to get you started.

"E-paper displays are amazing. Start working with your own Arduino E-paper project with this Arduino Micro compatible e-paper display driver," the company says of its creation. "[It's] compatible with EPD and GxEPD libraries (which are available for download and add to Arduino [IDE])."

"Small size with micro USB port (Only 35x45mm); Bottom contact 24-pin FPC connector for E-paper display; Can drive single or multicolor e-paper displays; Ships with Arduino bootloader installed so that you can start programming using the USB port and Arduino program right away; Option to include SPI programming headers (in case you'd like to change the Arduino bootloader!); Includes one LED connected to the pin 5 of the Arduino Micro."

While the driver board is compatible with a range of ePaper displays, including those offering multiple color options such as the bundled 1.54" two-color black and red panel, it does come with a warning: "If you're going to work with large ePaper displays (larger than 2.9")," Woodoonics warns, "please be aware of the RAM memory limitations of the ATmega32U4 as this design doesn't include a separate RAM."

The board is now available on Woodoonics' Tindie store, priced at $60; a full schematic can also be found on the same page.

Gareth Halfacree
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