Weathery Offers a Year of Paper Doll-Based Weather Reports on a Single Battery Charge

Weathery's E Ink display shows you exactly what the weather means for you — including what you should wear and carry.

South Korea-based Weathery has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new electronic weather station, with a user interface focuses on an iconic paper doll representation of what the viewer should be wearing on a given day.

The most common way to display weather conditions on a weather station is, of course, numerically: temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed, all can be easily shown as a series of numbers. Things get more interesting, however, when you think of alternative methods — such as a cylinder of coloured lights, a glowing cloud, retro-themed pixelated icons, or even laser-cut symbols.

Weathery's eponymous system takes a different approach: a paper doll icon system, in which the on-screen character is dressed appropriately for the conditions — including with accessories like umbrellas, air filters, and sunglasses.

"Weathery is designed by the designer and developer who forget the weather all the time to solve the inconvenience of living," claims Mikyoung Kim of the device. "It can show today’s weather information as well as recommend the style and tools you need to go out. You can attach it anywhere you want, so it can be installed on your in-home path and attached to the front door to help you check the weather until the moment you open the door and go out."

The compact Weathery device uses an electrophoretic E Ink display, requiring energy only when it actively changes — which, coupled with a Wi-Fi-enabled microcontroller with deep-sleep support and a 300mAh lithium-polymer battery, is claimed to lead to a full year's wireless use on a single charge.

Weathery is priced at $20 for the most heavily discounted Early Bird reward tier, rising to $35 when the first few thousand are exhausted. Rewards are expected to ship in July this year, the company claims, though there may be delays owing to the need to obtain CE and FCC certification.

More information is available on the Weathery Kickstarter campaign page.

Gareth Halfacree
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