Uberlogger Is a Compact Wi-Fi-Enabled Data Logger That Captures Up to 14 Signals

No PC required to capture six digital and eight analog (or temperature) signals for days to a microSD card.

James Lewis
2 months agoSensors

Paulus Potter is an electrical engineer with a passion for creating technical solutions. One such solution is the compact Uberlogger, a data logger with Wi-Fi that can capture up to 14 channels simultaneously and store them on a microSD card while operating completely standalone.

The Uberlogger is a versatile tool capable of simultaneously sampling six digital and eight analog signals. The analog channels have two user-selectable voltage ranges (±10V and ±60V) and support temperature sensing with 10K NTC thermistors, making it adaptable to a wide range of monitoring tasks.

The sampling rate range is between 1 and 250 Hz, with 12- or 16-bit resolution on the analog channels. Uberlogger supports up to 32 GB microSD cards, allowing you to log data for days.

A Wi-Fi interface is the key to making Uberlogger a standalone measurement system. The built-in web interface simplifies configuration and retrieving the CSV (or raw) log files. The firmware supports connecting to an existing Wi-Fi network or acting as an access point. Additionally, a REST API enables remote control of the data logging process.

Uberlogger has DIP switches that allow you to easily reconfigure each analog input in the field without logging into the web interface. One bank selects between the two voltage ranges, and the other changes the input to support NTC sensors.

The Uberlogger is a compact data acquisition platform measuring just 148 by 77 by 23 millimeters. Its mechanical design is a stack of multiple boards constructed with stand-offs. While this stack-up provides portability and space savings, it means Uberlogger is not fully enclosed. Potter envisions a future improvement with a 3D-printed case — perhaps one for mounting on a DIN rail, further enhancing its versatility and convenience.

Uberlogger features overview

You can buy an Uberlogger on Tindie. The price is €229.35 before shipping, and shipping is only available to select countries. The package includes the Uberlogger, USB-C cable, microSD card, manual, and eight NTC temperature sensors.

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