This Raspberry Pi Baby Monitor, Integrated with Home Assistant, Includes Environmental Monitoring

Designed to include as many features as possible, this 3D-printed monitor offers everything from motion detection to a musical nightlight.

Pseudonymous maker "zerneo85" has put together what could be the most feature-packed baby monitor around — and has thrown in environmental monitoring, alongside Raspberry Pi-powered video and audio streaming, for good measure.

"The baby monitor has the following components," its creator writes: "Raspberry Pi, Full HD day/night vision [camera], Chat50 microphone/speaker, ESP[8266] D1, KY-038 sound sensor, AM PIR motion sensor, MQ2 gas detection sensor, BME280 temp & humidity sensor, Buzzer, [and an] RGB LED."

That's an undeniably impressive laundry-list of components, and gives the machine a lot of capabilities above and beyond anything you're likely to find on store shelves. The environmental monitoring is particularly interesting, going beyond basic temperature and humidity to alerting should concentrations of combustible gas exceed safe levels.

Naturally, the device also works as a fully-functional baby monitor: It can stream both video and audio, with two infrared illuminators either side of the main camera providing night-vision capabilities; there's also support for alerts on either sound or motion; and should baby prove difficult to soothe, it doubles as a programmable nightlight and music box.

"I have integrated everything into Home Assistant," zerneo85 adds, "with the use of ESPHome, Node Red, and [Home Assistant] automations. The most challenging (and still not solved nicely) was streaming the microphone."

More details are available on the project's Reddit thread.

Gareth Halfacree
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