This Portable Laser Cutter Features Foldable Design and Large Work Area

Optic is a portable laser cutting and engraving solution from Rendyr, with integrated filtration and infinite work area capabilities.

Cabe Atwell
2 years agoRobotics

Optic, a new portable laser cutter and engraver currently on Kickstarter, boasts integrated filtration, the ability to work with hundreds of materials, and “infinite” work area capabilities. The designer, a company called Rendyr, sees Optic as “the future of desk prototyping,” allowing home users new possibilities while maintaining industrial precision and accuracy.

The base work area is 12” x 18”, with a quarter-inch clearing for material thickness. However, the Optic is detachable from its fold-out workspace, meaning it can be placed directly on objects too tall or large for desktop cutting and engraving. The internal filtration, which utilizes replaceable multi-stage filter cartridges, also adds to its portability, enabling users to use it anywhere without worrying about permanent exhaust ducts. And, when finished, it can simply be folded up and packed away.

The Optic employs a combination of CNC positioning and a dual-diode laser module focused into one 15W beam to cut and engrave designs with precision. Digital layouts can be created or imported in LightBurn.

Videos of the Optic's functions, as well as the machine's specs and examples of possible projects made with it, are available on its Kickstarter page. Though the campaign just started, it has already reached its goal — it continues to run until the end of February 2022, with shipping beginning in March.

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