This Little Raspberry Pi Device Lets You View Your NFTs

Snarflakes designed a Raspberry Pi-based displayer that lets you view your NFT images whenever you like.

Cameron Coward
14 days agoCryptocurrency / Displays

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a new concept in the world of cryptocurrency, though the idea itself is timeless. A fungible currency or commodity is one that is identical in value to every other unit of its type. Conventional currency is fungible, because a particular dollar bill always has the same value as any other dollar bill. A non-fungible commodity's value is dependent on its own unique characteristics. Diamonds, for example, vary in value depending on their size, clarity, inclusions, and so on. NFTs are units of currency with values specific to themselves, and they’re usually represented as images. This Raspberry Pi-based device lets you view those NFT images whenever you like.

A singular NFT is comparable to a Bitcoin or any other digital currency, except that it has a unique value. Two people can buy two different NFTs at the exact same time, and one could be worth several times more than the other. To differentiate them, unique images get assigned to individual NFTs. You aren't buying the image like you would a painting, because the images are digital and easy to copy. The images simply help identify the NFTs. It is a strange concept for a currency, because it is a bit like bartering with intangible objects that have no intrinsic value. But NFT owners still might want to look at their unique tokens, which is where this device comes in.

Snarflakes designed this device that is controlled by a Raspberry Pi Zero W. It can display GanPunks NFT images and play music, thanks to the Pimoroni Pirate Audio speaker HAT. That HAT has an I2S DAC (digital-to-analog converter), a small amplifier, and a monaural speaker. But it also has a 1.3" full-color IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, which displays the NFT images. Power comes from a UPS Lite V1.2 LiPo battery pack HAT. Snarflakes's code loads the NFT images from your own account. You can assign an address to each of the four buttons on the Pirate Audio HAT, so you can flip between them. If you want, you can also assign audio files to those buttons.

To be clear, this is not a hardware wallet. It is only meant for showing off your hip new NFTs. But if you're buying into the NFT craze, then this might be exactly the device you're looking for.

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