This DIY Remote Can Be Used for Any RC Device with an nRF Module

The remote was initially designed for the NovaSM3 robotic dog and features a pair of OLED displays, joysticks, pushbuttons, and more.

Cabe Atwell
a month agoSensors

Chris Locke NRF Remote Control was initially created for the NovaSM3 (Spot Mini clone) quadruped robotic dog, but he found that it can be used to control other things outfitted with an nRF module and some custom coding. The controller was designed using Tinkercad, but Locke has since ported it over to a full Fusion360 model.

Locke built his remote around an Arduino Mega 2560 Pro, an nRF24101 module, a pair of OLED displays, two joysticks, and WS2812B 5050 smart RGB LEDs. It also packs a wealth of buttons and input devices, including mini/round momentary buttons, sliding potentiometers, and a single SPDT rocker switch. Moreover, it’s equipped with a 5V buck converter, 3.3V voltage regulator and a two-cell 7.4V LiPo battery. Amazingly, all of that hardware fits inside a small 3D-printed case with holding plates and open-cell foam padding to keep everything in place.

Considering those tight space constraints, Locke notes that each component has its place within the controller, so it can’t be assembled incorrectly. That said, it’s still a complicated process as each wire needs to be soldered directly to most of the components without using headers.

On the plus side, Locke has uploaded the necessary code needed to employ the controller for nRF applications but states the code is still under development for use with NovaSM3.

Locke has uploaded a detailed walkthrough of his NRF Remote Control on his project page for anyone who would like to recreate it.

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