This DIY 3D-Printed Solar-Capable Six-Display Raspberry Pi Cyberdeck Is an Off-Grid Multitasker

Designed for those who find a single screen limiting, this off-grid gadget can split into three independent dual-display portables.

Cyberdeck specialist Holistech has launched kits to build your own multi-display portables powered by Raspberry Pi single-board computers — offering up a whopping six screens in a single foldable unit.

"I was trying to create a cyberdeck that is USB powered but provides a maximum number of screens. Hence six it was," Holistech's pseudonymous founder explains. "The use case i had in mind is a Blackout situation, when only USB solar powerbanks are available, but you need to perform productive work. I use it for software development in which i require several screens with documentation, chats, editor and test shells."

This beefy cyberdeck offers six independent displays and the option of grid-free solar power. (📹: Holistech)

The design is an upgrade on a version Holistech showed off last year, which could handle "only" four displays to the revised version's six. At the time, anyone interested in the project could only look and not touch with the creator unwilling to share design files ahead of potential commercialization — which is the direction now taken, the core design being sold through Etsy in 4.3" dual-display, 5.5" dual-display, and 5.5" six-display variants.

The deck itself is based on a modular 3D-printed framework, which folds for portability. Driving the six displays are three Raspberry Pi 4 Model B single-board computers, which gives the deck an interesting capability not often seen: the single six-display system can be split into three dual-display systems, each with a dedicated Raspberry Pi and capable of independent operation.

The housing also provides space for up to three 26,500mAh power banks for portable operation, while a "battery handle" on each twin-display deck provides support for 30Ah solar-charged battery packs — providing the potential for true off-grid use.

Sadly, building your own is unlikely to prove cheap: Holistech is selling the design files for home printing via Etsy at $24.96 for the 4.3" dual-display variant, $31.20 for the 5.5" dual-display version, and $74.89 for the full six-display design; if you want the parts 3D printed for you, the full six-display variant will set you back $468.12 — and you'll need to supply all electronic components yourself.

Gareth Halfacree
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