This Beautiful Video Game-Themed Music Box Was Built for a Proposal

Object Oriented Props designed and constructed this wooden music box to hold the engagement ring when he proposed to his girlfriend.

Cameron Coward
7 days ago3D Printing / Music / Gaming

Planning a marriage proposal takes a lot of thought, because a good proposal is a deeply personal event. Your betrothed might love to be presented with a big diamond at a beautiful restaurant in the city, while someone else might prefer a plain band given to them on a backcountry hiking trip. Fortunately if you’re planning on proposing, you probably have a pretty good idea of what will be meaningful to your future spouse. YouTuber Object Oriented Props knew exactly what his girlfriend would be charmed by, and spent a year building this beautiful video game-themed music box to provide that.

As far as music boxes go, this one is quite large—about the size of a toaster oven. That’s because it contains so much magic. When the lid is first opened, it doesn’t really look like much. A small mirror is mounted on the inside of the lid and the shallow main compartment doesn’t contain anything except a strange platform that’s purpose isn’t immediately clear. But if you lift one of the side panels in the interior, you can then slide out a drawer on the right side of the box. Inside of the drawer there is a key that can be inserted into a slot on the front of the box. Turning the key starts the music and causes the interior platform to open up and present whatever is stored there.

The video shows a number of items that can pop out of that platform, and most of them are small models inspired by video games like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Doom, and Minecraft, which are presumably favorites of the lucky gal. The previously-mentioned mirror also doubles as a slot to place 3D-printed lithoplanes, which are pictures that become visible when they are backlit. The wood box itself was constructed by the bride’s father, but everything else was built by Object Oriented Props. That includes the electronics, though it isn’t specified which components were used for this project other than that an Arduino Mega development board was used for control. For the actual proposal, a lithoplane photo of the couple was placed in the box and the motorized platform was adorned with the engagement ring. The box was presented on September 12th and successfully resulted in a happy engagement.

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