The New xTool F1 Ultra Is Perfect for SMBs Looking to Automate Custom Laser Engraving Operations

xTool has just released the world’s first 20W fiber and 20W diode galvanometer dual laser engraver.

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16 days ago

In some of the most exciting news we’ve seen from the laser cutting and engraving industry in years, xTool has just released the world’s first 20W fiber and 20W diode galvanometer dual laser engraver: the F1 Ultra.

Material compatibility is a major source of frustration among laser cutter/engraver users, as there isn’t any way around the fact that not all materials absorb and reflect the same wavelengths of light — just like white paint reflects more visible light than black paint. If a particular material reflects all of a specific wavelength, then a laser that emits that wavelength will fail to make a mark. Conversely, a material may absorb the laser light in a manner that causes flaming combustion or melting.

This is why some laser types are better suited to certain materials than others. To increase versatility and material compatibility, the original xTool F1 introduced a groundbreaking dual-laser system. It had a 10W 455nm blue diode laser perfect for wood, paper, glass, and some acrylic, as well as a 2W 1064nm infrared laser that was better for engraving metals like aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel.

Now xTool is further expanding that concept with the F1 Ultra, which features two powerful 20W galvanometer lasers. The first is a blue diode laser for general purpose use across a wide range of materials, such as wood, acrylic, leather, glass, rubber, and fabric. The second is a fiber laser ideal for all metals, some plastics, and most stone.

Not only is its wavelength optimal for metal, but the optical fiber active gain medium acts as an amplifier and increases the output power dramatically relative to standard diode lasers. xTool tells us that the F1 Ultra can cut through stainless steel up to 0.3mm thick, brass up to 0.4mm thick, and aluminum up to 0.2mm thick. Engraving is trivial on any metal.

As with the original F1, xTool put a lot of thought into making the F1 Ultra usable in the real world. It has a working area of 220×220mm in a compact and portable package weighing just 14.7kg, and if paired with the F1 Ultra's Auto Conveyor, the working area can reach 220×500mm. A built-in 16MP camera helps users accurately position toolpaths on material and also enables auto-focusing. The galvanometer system makes the F1 Ultra incredibly fast when compared to gantry-style machines, giving it the ability to take advantage of the powerful lasers for high-speed engraving.

The brand new xTool Creative Space software is easy for beginners to learn in minutes, but sophisticated enough to satisfy the demands of experienced professionals. Its intelligent features, such as auto-path planning, visual design placement, and extensive material library, make job setup simple and efficient.

The Auto Conveyor accessory further increases efficiency by turning the xTool F1 Ultra into an automated factory. It moves work pieces under the F1 Ultra’s enclosure where the laser can go to work. And here is where things get really interesting: the F1 Ultra’s camera and intelligent software let it detect work pieces and their orientation to automatically place toolpaths.

That feature is very exciting if you take a moment to think about the possibilities. Imagine how quickly you could engrave hundreds of stainless steel keychains: just toss them on the Auto Conveyor (orientation doesn’t matter) and it will take care of the rest, dropping finished keychains into a bin on the other side.

If you're running a laser engraving business or considering starting your own small business, the F1 Ultra is an ideal machine for you. Designed for businesses aiming to boost productivity to factory levels and provide on-site customization services, this machine is perfect for handling large custom orders during peak seasons.

The Auto Conveyor alone would make the xTool F1 Ultra stand out. But when combined with the cutting-edge fiber laser, this is an extremely compelling package. Until now, few consumer machines have been able to engrave metals at all. With the F1 Ultra, users can easily engrave and cut any metal pieces at high speed and in large volume.

If you find the xTool F1 Ultra as intriguing as we do, you can purchase your own unit right now. It is available for $3,999 ($4,399.00 with the Auto Conveyor) in the US on the xTool website.

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