The Bluebox Co-pilot Is a DepthAI-Based Computer Vision Powerhouse for Your Car

Featuring stereo depth cameras, 360-degree video, and an Intel Myriad-X accelerator, the Co-pilot is not your average dashcam.

Seattle-based Bluebox Labs is looking to launch the Bluebox Co-pilot, an all-in-one "smart driving assistant" that they say replaces everything from dashcams and engine diagnostic devices to Wi-Fi hotspots and mileage logging — and which doubles as a development platform for computer vision and autonomous driving projects.

"When designing Co-pilot, we wanted to ensure it solved every pain point a working driver faces," claims Bluebox founder and chief executive Minsoo Lee. "Co-pilot enables a diverse set of powerful software modules that replace the need for various single-use automotive gadgets."

The Bluebox Co-pilot offers some impressive specifications for computer vision work. (📹: Bluebox Labs)

At launch, Bluebox promises four key features — accessible through a companion smartphone app: A dashcam; a security camera with break-in detection and live streaming over a built-in 4G LTE cellular modem; a fault-finding system dubbed Blue Mechanic; and a mileage-tracking system called Milesaver.

The company is also promising more features to come, with over-the-air firmware updates to add collision warning functionality, drowsiness monitoring, mask detection, and even highway autonomy for vehicles compatible with the openpilot platform.

For those looking to tinker, Bluebox is positioning the 64-bit Rockchip RK3399-based gadget as an ideal development platform — based around the Luxonis DepthAI. Featuring Intel Myriad-X computer vision acceleration, the Co-pilot is compatible with the OpenVINO toolkit and includes stereo depth vision, a nine-axis absolute inertial measurement unit (IMU), and USB Type-C connectivity with Ethernet and HDMI support.

Exactly what features are available depend on the model purchased, however. The entry-level Co-pilot Lite offers dashcam, mileage logging, and engine diagnostics via a bundled ODB-II dongle; additional features, including access to the software development kit, require the more expensive Co-pilot AI. Even then, using the security camera functionality requires a $10 a month cellular subscription.

The company is now funding on Kickstarter, pricing the Co-pilot Lite at $159 and the Co-pilot AI at $259 for early-bird backers — discounted from the expected retail price of $199 and $259 respectively. Rewards are expected to begin shipping in February 2022.

Gareth Halfacree
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