Teach Kids How to Code with the LoCoMoGo Train

Kids can use the train set to the basics of drag-and-drop coding, all the way up to programming in C.

It's like toy candy! Amsterdam-based LoCoMoGo has stepped into the STEM ring by releasing a new type of train that teaches kids, aged four to twelve, how to code through play. Learning begins by placing tape on any surface and in any shape, which acts as the LoCoMoGo track, while the colored enables them to learn basic code logic without the need for a display. Each additional car adds a new function and another coding element to the mix, which can be programmed using the LoCoMoGo app.

The LoCoMotive (red) car, or engine, automatically follows the tape track, while the blue car brings basic if-then code logic, and the connectivity car pairs the train to a phone or tablet, and so on. Different colored tape is placed alongside the track that initiates a new function. For example, kids can illuminate an LED in the blue car by using drag-and-drop programming, and when the train passes next to a piece of blue tape, it triggers the LED.

The LoCoMoGo train set will teach kids the basics of drag-and-drop coding, all the way up to programming in C, with new games and challenges added with each additional car added. According to LoCoMoGo, the train set provides algorithmic thinking and will offer regular updates as each new car becomes available. The company is currently crowdfunding the LoCoMoGo coding train on Kickstarter with pledges starting at around $98, which gets you the LoCoMotive engine, black and white tape, and your name embedded in the code. Of course, the higher the pledge, the better the package. At the $185 level, you get the LocoMotive engine, black/white tape set, color tape, and a Color Car.

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