#TBT: Retro Tech & Gaming Videos on Hackster

Alex's favorite Hackster videos on gaming and retro tech – for subway gamers, hardcore cubers, and people who miss the Bakelite era.

Alex Glow
17 days agoGaming / Retro Tech

As we wrap up this themed month, here are some of my favorite Hackster TV videos on gaming and retro tech! Whether you're a subway gamer, a hardcore cuber, or even a Luddite reluctant to pick up a cell phone, don't miss these gems...

Justine Haupt

We spoke with Haupt back in April '21, and she shared her design process and prototyping iterations for the opensource rotary cell phone! She's been selling robot parts online for years; check out Sky's Edge for phone kits and more.

Arduboy (Kevin Bates)

We've featured the Arduboy a number of times on Hackster – and even hosted a contest based on this opensource game console! The Arduino-based device includes a piezo speaker for your custom chiptunes, a micro USB port, and a super-flat LiPo battery. If you have an older version, you can upgrade it with the "FX" expansion to pump up the power!

Here's our interview with creator Kevin Bates, who ran our Contests section for some time:

Caleb Kraft

Kraft mods game controllers for people with limited hand mobility, in a wonderful initiative called The Controller Project. Besides his work at Make:, we chatted about his home farm (full of goats), as well as his 3D printing experiments (full of surprises).


Why stop at pocket-sized? This irresistible, teeny-tiny console is small enough to use as a keychain! You can program Thumby in MicroPython, using a custom browser-based IDE created by TinyCircuits for this platform. Write your own games or life-enhancement applications, upload them to the teeny toy, and take it along on your travels. (Compatibility with large thumbs is not guaranteed.)

We also called up TinyCircuits' Ken Burns and Ben Rose for a chat about the business side. Take a peek at some of their other tiny products and fabrication techniques:


Hey! Still wrestling with your childhood Rubik's Cube?HEYKUBE can help you learn patterns, up your speed, and even write your own games! It's a familiar, colorful cube with an internal battery and tons of programmable smarts. Check out our unboxing:

Thanks for joining us for this month's celebration! Hungry for more? Dig into hundreds of projects for gaming and retro tech – or publish your own and share your passion with the world.

Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and stay tuned for a wealth of wearable tech in August!

Alex Glow
The Hackster team's resident Hardware Nerd. I like robots, music, EEG, wearables, and languages. FIRST Robotics kid.
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