SparkFun's Qwiic Ecosystem Gets a High-Accuracy CO₂, Temperature, and Humidity Sensor

As a SparkX "experimental product," though, there's no telling when the company's stock will run dry.

Gareth Halfacree
19 days agoSensors

SparkFun has announced a new entry in its Qwiic sensor ecosystem, based around the Sensirion SCD41 carbon dioxide (CO₂) sensor — but, as a SparkX design, supplies are limited.

"The SCD41 from Sensirion is a high quality photoacoustic-based CO₂ sensor capable of detecting 0 to 40,000ppm with high accuracy over 400-5,000ppm ±(40ppm+5%)," SparkFun writes of the sensor powering the latest entry in its solder-free Qwiic ecosystem.

"In order to improve accuracy the SCD41 has integrated temperature and humidity sensing built-in. For additional accuracy the SCD41 also accepts ambient pressure readings!"

To get users started as quickly as possible, SparkFun's Paul Clark has already written an Arduino library — available directly in the Arduino IDE through the Library Manager — which allows for the carbon dioxide levels, humidity, and temperature to be read.

Those looking to fire the sensor up and start reading are advised, however, to make note of the manufacturer's warning: "The SCD41 has an automatic self-calibration routine," SparkFun explains. "Sensirion recommends seven days of continuous readings with at least one hour a day of 'fresh air' for self-calibration to complete."

The sensor, which includes two Qwiic connectors plus a breadboard-friendly unpopulated pin header, is now available on the SparkFun store at $59.95. As an entry in its SparkX "experimental product" range, however, supplies are limited — and there's no access to live technical support, nor any guarantee it will make the move to the company's iconic red PCBs as a regular stock item.

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