SparkFun Launches Qwiic- and Arduino-Compatible Programmable Clock Generator Breakout Board

With four single-ended outputs from 1-200MHz and eight differential from 1-350MHz, the new clock generator is a flexible signal tool.

Gareth Halfacree
3 months agoHardware 101

SparkFun has launched a new entry into its Qwiic-compatible breakout board family, this time offering a clock generator chip capable of offering four single-ended outputs from 1-200MHz and eight more differential outputs from 1-350MHz.

"The SparkFun Qwiic Clock Generator Breakout offers a wide range of customisable frequencies in a wide range of different signal types using a single reference clock," SparkFun's Xtopher explains of the new board. "Four (single output) clock outputs can generate frequencies from 1MHz-200MHz and eight (differential output) clock outputs can generate frequencies from 1MHz-350MHz. The frequency's many properties can be manipulated in code via I2C using the SparkFun Arduino Library.

"There are two Qwiic connectors populated on the board to easily configure the clock generator without the need of soldering to the I2C lines. However, soldering is required to connect to the clock outputs. Additionally, there are four banks of programmable memory available for when it's ready to sit on its own within the project without a microcontroller."

The board is based on the IDT VersaClock 6E 5P49V60 programmable clock generator, and its eight differential outputs can be switched between LVDS, LVPECL, and HCSL formats. An Arduino library is provided for frequency manipulation, and jumpers allow the board to be moved to a different I2C address in case of collision.

The board is now available from SparkFun's store priced at $29.95 with a limit of five per customer; a hookup guide provides instructions for its use, while copies of the documentation and hardware design files can be found on the company's GitHub repository.

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