SOS Key Tool Won't Play Super Mario But Will Unlock Vehicles

The $25,000 device emulates the signals from auto manufacturers' key fobs, which allows users to gain access to a vehicle in seconds.

This isn't your typical Game Boy. (📷: Daily Mail)

Vehicle theft is a huge problem no matter what country you live in, but one Bulgarian-based company is looking to make grand theft auto a whole lot easier with a new tool that looks like a Game Boy in appearance. According to the Daily Mail, Bulgarian company SOS Auto Keys is set to release its SOS Key Tool, which can gain access to a myriad of different automobiles in mere seconds using emulated fob signals.

Gaining entry via a hijacked fob isn't new, thieves have been doing it for over a decade, but requires high skill levels and a significant amount of luck. Getting caught also guarantees being charged with a felony (or multiple felony charges) and a lengthy prison (not jail) sentence upon conviction. That said, those that purchase the $25,000 tool can reportedly walk up to a target vehicle and activate its proximity system by engaging the lock/unlock button on the door handle. The device then scans and records the signal emanated from the target vehicle, letting the user enter the car with what it thinks is an authorized signal.

Of course, SOS Auto Keys states they don't want to sell the tool to those with "unlawful intentions," which is to say, "we don't accept any responsibility for malicious use of our tool." That said, the Daily Mail states that the company's high price tag should help weed out most criminal activity, but stealing a new Ferrari should help offset that cost with the illegal sale of the stolen car. Checking the SOS Auto Keys website reveals no information on the SOS Key Tool, so take any information on the gadget with a grain of salt.

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