Small WiFi Remote Controls IoT Devices and Plays GIFs

Based on an ESP32 Pico D4, the board features a small 160x80 TFT screen along with a temperature/humidity sensor and an accelerometer.

Cabe Atwell
a month agoSensors / Displays

YouTuber maker.moekoe recently built a small WiFi remote. Originally built to help control things around the tinkerer’s camper van, the board can control various Internet of Things devices. And as an added bonus, it has an integrated display that plays GIFs!

The remote is based on the ESP32 Pico D4 with integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The display is a small 160x80 pixels TFT screen that shows GIFs, including those you make yourself, with surprising clarity and quality. The unit is equipped with temperature, humidity, and acceleration sensors for added control as well.

Components include:

  • ESP32 Pico D4
  • CP2102N USB to serial bridge
  • 160x80px ST7735 13-pin TFT display
  • HDC1080 temperature and humidity sensors
  • LIS3DHTR accelerometer
  • WS2812 LEDs
  • XB5353A battery protection
  • SE7401U polarity
  • MCP73831 charging
  • RT9193 regulator
  • Molex 3D antenna

In terms of software, maker.moekoe created the code in PlatformIO, but it can also be used with Arduino IDE. The display works with Bodmer’s TFT_eSPI library while the GIFs come from AnimatedGIF library by Larry Bank, who also has a tool for converting GIFs to a code array.

To build a WiFi remote for yourself, check out the specs, code, and details on maker.moekoe’s GitHub page.

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