Signet HC Is an All-in-One Security USB Key That's the Same Size as a Key

Signet HC is an all-in-one encrypted USB flash drive, two-factor authentication token, and password manager.

James Lewis
2 years agoSecurity / Productivity

Raise your hand if you use two-factor authentication. Keep your hand up if you also use a password manager. Now keep your hand up if you use flash drives (and wish they had encrypted storage.) Let me introduce you to the Signet HC.

The Signet HC is an open source secure USB drive/device from a company called Nth Dimension. Anyone who needs to carry (and share) sensitive information needs to look at this device.

Data encrypted on the device is available through the client software, which works on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. You do not need to install anything to access the secured information, because the client is on the device itself.

Signet HC implements the FIDO U2F and FIDO2 two-factor authentication protocols, which means it is compatible with many popular websites.

When used as a 32GB flash drive, it supports multiple volume types. Read-only volumes are immutable until the device is unlocked — for example, the client software ships in a read-only volume. Encrypted volumes use AES-128 or AES-256. One-time use volumes are a secure way to move files from one computer to another. The files automatically erase after being used.

The Arm Cortex-M7-based design is entirely open source. Nth Dimension's GitHub repository has the client software, firmware (for previous generation device), PCB files, and enclosure CAD files available. Additionally, the final PCB provides access to several signals: boot0, three GPIO pins, and a single wire debug (SWD) interface. Which means, it is extensible.

The product is available through a funding campaign on Crowd Supply. The Signet HC's funding campaign ends on Oct 21, 2019, with a minimum pledge of 80 USD. See more about the Signet HC on Crowd Supply.

James Lewis
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