Sensorwake Trio Smell Alarm Clock

After a successful Kickstarter campaign for the original Sensorwake alarm clock — the first clock that wakes you up with smells — inventor Guillaume Rolland and the Bescent team are back with the Sensorwake Trio. This device uses a sequence of first releasing a pleasant smell of your choosing, then lighting up, and finally sounding an alarm — waking you in a more gradual method than the “brreeep, breeep, breep” that you’re all too familiar with.

The new version features a white case along with wood accents, as well as an air flow system that’s optimized to deliver fragrances to you quietly. Setup is easy — just plug in, insert a scent cartridge, and activate alarm. You can even customize how the backlight works, in addition to the melody that’s played to tell you to go ahead and get up.

The Sensorwake Trio is currently on Kickstarter. Rewards vary from six-scent capsules that are compatible with both the Trio and the first Sensorwake device, to a four-pack of Sensorwake alarm clocks — enough to get your whole family up and to school/work/wherever people need to be on time. There’s even an $8,000 “Sensorwake Creator” reward level that lets you introduce the gadget locally if you’re an extreme scent aficionado.

Jeremy S. Cook
Engineer, maker of random contraptions, love learning about tech. Write for various publications, including Hackster!
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